Form Builder Software for Governments and Municipalities

Make applying for permits easy using the innovative FormFabric software. Thanks to FormFabric’s form builder software, applying for a permit no longer has to be a difficult process. With the intuitive interface, extensive application forms can easily be created, entirely according to your own conditions and wishes.

Forms for permit applications are often complex, extensive and consist of a multitude of pages. An important step in simplifying the application process is digitizing the forms. Complex forms can easily be digitized with FormFabric’s visual designer.

FormFabric supports the publication of forms on your own website. With little effort required, you can integrate forms into your existing website, without needing to rely on extensive technical knowledge.

Benefits of FormFabric’s form builder software

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Digitize complex application forms

Easily convert physical forms into digital versions. With the help of the visual designer of FormFabric, forms and questionnaires can be designed without the need for technical knowledge.

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APIs for customization

Every institution has different wishes and requirements. That’s why FormFabric has developed APIs that can be linked to back-end systems. This empowers you to process your forms and questionnaires in the way that you want.

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Publish and integrate application forms on your website

After creating a new form, it can easily be published on your website thanks to a seamless integration of the FormFabric application with your site.

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Data collected with FormFabric’s questionnaires. surveys or forms is stored exclusively in data centers within the European Union and is 100% GDPR-compliant.

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Version management

Stay up-to-date and immediately publish a new version of your forms and questionnaires in case of legislative or regulatory changes. New versions of forms can be scheduled, so that your website immediately shows the correct version of a form.

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Export data

Collected data can easily be exported in order to be extensively processed using analytic software.

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Link with backend

Process form outputs automatically by linking it to your own backend systems. Thanks to this integration, you reduce the work required, and make results available and visible immediately.

Better service with FormFabric

Government institutions are confronted daily with massive amounts of data that must be stored and processed.

Using inefficient or outdated systems such as paper forms can lead to errors, delayed services or unnecessary hurdles in the processing flow. With FormFabric, citizens no longer have to fill in a form on location, but can do it comfortably online.

FormFabric streamlines this process by easily digitizing forms and ensuring the best integration with your own backend-system. The application can be used to build digital forms that are intuitive for the user and easy to process for the institution.

With the FormFabric application, you can create very comprehensive forms, whilst maintaining absolute control. This way, you not only improve services for your citizens, but also save valuable time.

Creating intuitive and accessible application forms

FormFabric has developed form builder software that is highly intuitive and accessible for users. Also, no technical knowledge is required to create your forms and questionnaires. With FormFabric, you can create forms without losing valuable time on technical stumbling blocks.

Our built-in visual designer is capable of digitally generating complex forms. Use various questions and paths per form without hassles in receiving the user responses. Thanks to the possibilities to integrate FormFabric with your own backend, the results of a form can be processed immediately.

If you unexpectedly encounter a problem while creating forms, our customer service is ready to assist you 24/7.